Monday Morning Recipe

Good Morning! How do you start your day?


If how you allot the first thirty minutes of your morning isn’t something you’ve put much thought into, you may want to give more attention to this time of day. Pressing the snooze button and then running around in a frenzy is a classic morning routine that can really be a bummer start to the day.


That’s why I’ve developed “Morning Recipes,” which are composed of some of my favorite inspiration/centering techniques. I’m going to share a recipe with you on this lovely A.M….



Monday Morning Recipe


*Get out of bed and stretch for five minutes, while paying attention to the depth and length of each breath. Reflect on any dreams, the quality of your sleep, anything still hanging out with you from yesterday. Kindly acknowledge any thoughts or feelings you have.



Enjoy this quick yoga sequence by Laleh Nader


*Sit comfortably and, with a journal or pad of paper (or anything you like to write on), set your intention for the day and for the week. Since it’s Monday morning, it’s a great opportunity to approach the next five days of the workweek holistically by inviting in desired feelings or objectives.

-How do you want to relate to others?

-How do you want to feel about yourself?

-What do you hope to accomplish?

These are just a couple questions to help you start thinking about how you want to show up for your life this week, and more specifically, this day.



*Drink some hot water with lemon as a great morning detox and digestive jump starter. Take a little time to do something you enjoy while you are sipping on your lemon water. I’ve taken up word searches recently… they help me focus, and they don’t allow me to disguise work as play – which is easy to do. I’ll talk more about that later.


These are three ingredients I include in my morning routine, and I often mix and match. I’ll share more with you in the future. I’d love to hear some of your morning routines/recipes… what do you have going on?


I hope you have an awesome day ahead of you and that you show up for it with confidence, empathy, and a clear intention.

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