It came to me in a dream…

Laying in bed this morning, predicting the time between the moment and my alarm, I had a thought. “I wonder if there are sleep coaches.” Sleep is such an important part of wellness and many theories have been devoted to this part of our circadian rhythm. I thought the 90 minutes sleep cycle theory was interesting… but definitely not for me. I need a solid eight hours… and I do my best to get it.

I found a sleep coach online who focuses on helping mothers get their little ones to sleep, and she trains others to become sleep coaches as well. Her name is Kim West and she is also an LCSW who practices child and family therapy… people call her “The Sleep Lady.”

Reading her story, the first sentence jumped out to me:

“I remember the EXACT moment I decided that I was going to follow MY intuition…

Well, really the first part of the first sentence… and I love it because Kim states how her intuition spoke to her and she followed it. As a result, she has appeared on various television shows, Dr. Phil for example, and been featured in such publications as the Washington Post. You go girl! Great things can happen when you listen to what your intuition has to say.


Some examples of where Kim’s intuition led her

Branded as the Gentle Sleep Coach, Kim offers a great free resource kit for anyone who might be interested in helping mothers get their little ones to sleep. All you have to do is enter to secure your early bird invitation to access ten useful PDF’s. Even if you aren’t interested or aren’t sure, this is a great way to familiarize yourself with her practice and also to get a glimpse at how she uses free resources to entice potential sleep coaches.

I hope you enjoy these resources if you choose to check them out.

What does your intuition have to say today?


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