Friday morning refresh

Happy Friday!

What has your morning routine been like so far? Today I opted for some binaural beats, which I mentioned in an earlier post, and some seated yoga that I could do easily while my headphones were plugged into my computer.

Beats, yoga, and deep breathing…. I’m feeling good. More focused. More energized. My head feels clearer.

This is another morning recipe (if you missed my first one, check it out here).

Today I opted to use youtube for my binaural beats, and I found a great video lasting 16 minutes that showcases a constant stream of gently rolling clouds. I’m going to share this with you:



If you need some help thinking of easy seated stretches you can do while you’re listening to binaural beats, I found this simple guide online:


What intention are you setting for the day? With my day I intend to feel a sense of clarity and treat myself with love and patience.

If you try this morning sequence, I’d love to hear how you felt during/afterward.

Have an inspiring day!



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