Chloro-phyll your cup

Happy Saturday from inside the well!

I’m having a super relaxing and easy going start to my weekend, which includes drinking some chlorophyll out of my favorite Garfield cup.

Photo on 1-18-14 at 9.54 AM

What the heck is chlorophyll and why are you drinking it!?” is something people have asked me, and might be what you are wondering. I’m going to tell you, because chlorophyll is awesome and you might want to reap the benefits for yourself.

Plenty of people report that chlorophyll has helped them with issues including energy and anxiety. Here’s one rave review I found on GNC’s website:

Screen Shot 2014-01-18 at 10.11.59 AM

Sacred Source Nutrition ( describes some of the benefits of chlorophyll as follows:

Cleanses and oxygenates and builds the blood

A powerful detoxification effect on the body

Rich in enzymes that promote quick rejuvenation of our cells

High in Amino acids

Extracts toxins form the liver and improves liver function

Regulator of calcium

Helps break addiction

Alkalizes the body


Wound-healing properties

Fight infection

Anti-oxidant – neutralize free radicals

Promotes healthy intestinal flora

Helps reverse protein-deficient anemia

Protection from cancer

Helps skin disorders

Of course, using a supplement will be second best to getting lots of fresh greens by juicing and eating your veggies. Personally, I do both. I make sure I eat plenty of salad and I also supplement with this product from (which is advertised primarily as an internal deodorant, but still offers the range of benefits delivered through the consumption of chlorophyll):


How is your Saturday? I hope you are feeling rejuvenated this morning! Happy weekend!

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