Tuna salad and sunshine

Hey Insiders! Welcome to the well!

Self deprecation is the pits, and it is a big black hole that leads to more and more self deprecation. That’s not a hole you want to fall into.

The funny thing about the deep dark pit of being mean to yourself is that it isn’t a pit at all. You can go as deep as you want, and turn around and walk right out as if you had never been in a pile of self criticism and invalidation at all. Personally, I’ve experienced my own negativity toward myself as a weight so heavy that I couldn’t possibly just shed it. And then suddenly, with a simple realization, it is gone. That’s magic, and this world is magic.

I’m feeling really drawn to self care, because I think it’s incredibly important to consider beyond the occasional pedicure (that’s one of my favorite self care treats). Today I spent my morning in the library at the college I attend for my graduate program, and when I walked outside the sun was shining and the air felt warm. I got a sandwich and I sat in the sun in the back of my station wagon (this is a scene directly from my dream of owning a station wagon) and ate lunch in the warm sunshine. I felt so right with myself. That feeling of rightness with yourself – that’s the ultimate self care. That’s what all self care is trying to do.

Here are some tips on self care from Psych Central (click here for the whole article):

  1. Identify what activities help you feel your best.
  2. Put it on your calendar — in ink!
  3. Sneak in self-care where you can.
  4. Take care of yourself physically.
  5. Know when to say no.
  6. Check in with yourself regularly.
  7. Surround yourself with great people.
  8. Consider the quality of self-care.
  9. Remember that self-care is non-negotiable.

Do you regularly incorporate any of these tips into your self care routine? What unique strategies do you have for caring for the one and only you?

Also, I’m posting a song that makes my heart feel great – It’s Fumble by Architecture in Helsinki. Enjoy and have an awesome weekend!

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