Olive oil – great for shaving and eating

Hey Insiders! I’m going to be writing a very brief post about the benefits of olive oil.

How do you take your olive oil? Cold-pressed and extra-virgin? (How can you be extra-virgin?) I’m talking about olive oil in this post because it’s good for us, or so I’ve read…

What’s so great about olive oil?

-It is loaded with anti-inflammatory oleocanthal, which helps reduce the risk of plaque deposits in the blood vessels that can lead to diabetes, heart disease, and even depression.

-Extra-virgin olive oil has phytonutrients, which can decrease the risk of stroke and may even safeguard against heart disease, cancer, and high blood pressure.

-It is rich with antioxidants.

Since this is a short post, I will refer you some more comprehensive lists of benefits. Check them out here or here.

Also, enjoy this video about some uses for olive oil – like shaving your legs!?!? I love it when my kitchen and bathroom share the same shopping list. Thanks for stopping by the well!

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