Meditation loves you

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I’ve grown to deeply value the role meditation plays in my life, and wanted to write about some of the ways meditation is awesome. Whether or not you set time aside to meditate, you likely have an activity that helps you de-stress (hopefully!). I’m going to write about why meditation can be an important part of your de-stressing ritual, while bringing other added benefits to your daily life.


Do you ever find yourself caught in a negative thought pattern? Maybe you’re being hard on yourself by obsessing over something you said, or maybe you are being critical of someone else. Perhaps you are stressed about an upcoming deadline. Meditating can help you get out of negative thought patterns by increasing your self awareness. With a regular practice, you can develop the ability to notice when thoughts are arising, observe them, and let them pass without being sucked in. There is so much freedom that comes with choosing which thoughts we give attention.

Stress is no good for the body. It can cause headaches, issues with sleeping, depression, nausea, and can cause us to use unhealthy coping mechanisms (over eating, drinking, drugs, isolating). When you meditate, you are entering a state of sustained relaxation and helping to boost your immune function. This has a tremendous impact on the rest of your day. For instance, if you start your day with a meditation, you can feel more energy and peace when you face the tasks ahead. When you meditate at night, you can let go of the stress of your day before going to sleep. And here’s even better news – once you start meditating, it gets easier and easier to access your “happy place” throughout the day.

Meditation will also help you approach challenges with an increased ability to focus, since you’ve developed a deeper level of self awareness. Many people feel happier overall with regular meditation. The list goes on and on, and these are just some of the reasons that I enjoy making meditation part of my life.


Do you have a regular meditation practice? What type of meditation do you prefer? I’d love to hear about it in the comments. Thanks for stopping by the Well!

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