Ecstatic Dancing

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I love dancing – it’s so fun. It’s a great work out and form of expression/exploration. I heard about ecstatic dancing a few years ago, and I have wanted to go to an ecstatic dance party soooo bad ever since. I’ve not had the opportunity YET (I don’t think there’s a big scene for it in NJ), so I’m just going to write about it in the meantime.


Here are some of the basic rules of ecstatic dance as written on


  1.  Move however you wish

2.  No talking on the dance floor

3.  Respect yourself and one another  


Ecstatic Dance is a Drug & Alcohol Free Space

     Please also refrain from photos, video, and shoes & scents. 

Many people dance in their own space, and others share their space with another.

To engage in a dance with someone, use sensitivity:  Are they open to sharing their space with me?  Mirror movements, offer a hand, brush by, make eye contact, and see & feel how they respond… 

If you’d rather not dance with someone, or are ending a dance with someone,

simply thank them by placing your hands in prayer at your heart.

Namaste… Thank You. 

“My Spirit Recognizes Yours”


Here’s a video to give you an idea of what ecstatic dance might look like:


So it’s basically an opportunity to move in whatever ways feel good to you, so long as you are respectful of others. It seems like a great way to get in touch with your creativity, connect with others, and melt into the energy of the space. I can imagine you might transcend your usual state of mind, so it would likely be very meditative.

Have you ever participated in ecstatic dance? I would love to hear about it in the comments. Thanks for stopping by the Well!

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