Is your sweet tooth hurting you?

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I want to open this post by saying that I am a sucker for sweets, but I don’t eat them as often as I used to. While having an occasional treat is just that – a nice treat – frequent sugar consumption is damaging for a number of reasons. Sugar is not easy to avoid; it’s in many foods. Of course, a certain amount is essential for a healthy diet. Today I’m going to look at smart ways to get your sugar fix without damaging your body.


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There is more than one kind of sugar. Actually, there are a lot of sugar varieties (including sugar substitutes – which are often even worse for you). Two sugars that we come across regularly are fructose and glucose.

Glucose provides our bodies with energy, which makes it important to consume. Your brain can recognize that you’ve consumed glucose, and communicate to your body that it’s full after consuming glucose. You’ll feel less hungry, and sense when to stop eating.

Fructose is processed much differently in the body than glucose. It’s hard on the liver, since the liver is the only place it can be metabolized. Unlike glucose, your brain doesn’t recognize when you’ve had enough fructose – so you’ll keep eating even when you’ve consumed plenty of calories. Fructose is connected to hypertension, high blood pressure, and increased fat production.

Fruit contains fructose, but this doesn’t mean you should skip fruit. It’s an important part of a balanced diet, and because fruit contains fiber, your body will know when you’ve eaten enough. When fructose is not in its natural form – fruit, for example – it becomes problematic.

Cutting back on processed food and sugars is an important part of maintaining overall health. If you are trying to make a change in your eating habits, allow yourself to make the change slowly. Try eating fruit instead of sugary processed snack foods. My favorite healthy way to get my sweet fix is by mixing a banana and raw organic cocoa powder. It tastes rich, sweet, and chocolaty – and it contributes to my body’s well-being instead of causing problems.

Do you find yourself eating too much processed sugar/foods? Are there ways that you’ve been able to successfully cut back on your sugar intake? I’d love to hear about it in the comments. Thanks for stopping by the Well!

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