Animals Offer Therapeutic Benefits to the Aging Population

Hey Insiders! Thanks for stopping by the Well. Tonight I am reblogging a post that I wrote for Seashore Garden’s blog in November. Seashore Gardens is a senior living facility, and in this post I discuss the therapeutic benefits of animals – particularly for the aging population. Enjoy!

Enriching Elder Lives


Meet Freddie, a friendly Dachshund and local celebrity at Seashore Gardens. Not only does he brighten up the day of anyone who has the pleasure crossing his path; he plays an important therapeutic role for the residents. Pet therapy, or animal assisted therapy, has helped improve emotional, social, and cognitive functioning for those who receive it. While some animals are specially trained, domestic animals are also capable of delivering the benefits offered through this unique treatment method.

Some Facts About the Cutest Therapy Around

The positive impact of animal assisted therapy on the aging population has been studied, and has yielded some pretty exciting results. According to Paws for People, some of the benefits are:

-Delivers results where other therapeutic techniques have failed. Pet therapy can evoke a happier demeanor and even small talk

-Lowered stress levels and decreases in blood pressure

-Can elicit feelings of purpose and motivate recipients…

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