Excitement at the grocery store

Hey Insiders! Welcome to the Well.

I got really excited at the grocery store yesterday when I saw a new almond milk espresso drink. I basically never buy creamy fun coffee drinks because there is usually a ridiculous amount of sugar and milk (neither are good for you – although milk is another one of those controversial foods). I was impressed to see this new addition, and my heart continued to melt as I read through the label. It said things like: “100% Rainforest Alliance Certified” “Non-GMO” and had only ten grams of sugar compared to another similar drink which has seventeen. There are no artificial sweeteners and it has only 80 calories per serving. The drink is a double espresso iced coffee with almond milk by Califia Farms.


Drinking a lot of caffeine is not something that works out for me since I’m prone to anxiety, so I’ve taken to diluting my almond milk iced espresso drink with plain almond milk. It’s perfect. Have you ever tried Califia Farms iced coffee products? What do you think? I’d love to hear about it in the comments. Thanks for stopping by the Well!

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