Virtual wishes

Hey Insiders! Welcome to the Well.

Tonight I’m going to share a few online wishing wells, because yesterday (in the midst of a mini stress storm) I spent some time sending wishes into cyberspace. I don’t know if anyone will see them, but I enjoy the act of imagining my wish, writing it down, and sending it out into the world.

MyWellWisher is the first site I came across. It has beautiful virtual butterflies for you to gaze upon while you are typing your desires.

EWishBox is minimalist in appearance and is very straight forward for all of you no-nonsense wishers.

The Wishing Well is interactive and you do not have to type your wish anywhere. You simply click “make a wish” and drag the virtual coin and drop it into the well. I had a good time with this one.

By Moonglowlilly at deviantart

By Moonglowlilly at deviantart

So there you have it, three easy-to-use online wishing wells. I hope you enjoy all of your wishes manifest gloriously.

Do you like the online wishing wells? Hate them? Prefer real life wishing wells? Think wishing wells are a bunch of crap? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

Thanks for stopping by the Well!


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