Laughter is the best medicine

Hey Insiders! Welcome to the Well.

Today my heart is hurting from the sudden/tragic/untimely death of someone inside my circle of friends. I am sending my love to anyone impacted by the loss. In situations like this, there is no “right thing” to say.

In response to the feelings of sadness that I am saturated with, I am going to post some cartoons in hopes of inspiring laughter. This post is in honor of the healing power of laughter, and I hope that anyone reading this is able to feel just a little lighter, regardless of whether you are having a great or terrible day.




1509051_662378700492607_1866965497_n(Images from

What do you do to cope with sadness? I would love to read about it in the comments. Thank you for stopping by the Well.

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One Response to Laughter is the best medicine

  1. jmuscaro says:

    Great cartoons, I do feel lighter. Sending good energy your way. And, if you need a good joke I know one or two I’d be delighted to share 🙂

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