Celebrating change


Hey Insiders… Welcome to the Well! It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted, and plenty has happened.


I’ve graduated with my MSW and now I’m looking for a job. I’m pretty sure I have one, so that’s excellent. Last week I was mostly sofa bound with a head cold, but fortunately I am feeling much better (I ate SO MUCH raw garlic). Anyways, in the midst of graduating, job hunting and resting up, I’ve neglected the Insider Well. It was actually a great exercise, because the thought of not posting was giving me stress. I decided that I didn’t want to post out of anxiety; I wanted to post when I was good and ready to dive back in. I’m feeling that way today.


This weekend I transplanted some seedlings outside that I had started indoors. Starting your own seeds is such a fun way to celebrate the approaching warmer weather. I never realize how much I miss spring until it’s here, and I am feeling rejuvenated. I’m taking time to reflect, since I am entering a new chapter in my life.


I will get married in September to my best friend. I’m finished with school for the foreseeable future. I’ve spent the past few years changing the way I approach each day. I’m feeling so grateful and renewed.


One of the biggest favors I’ve done for myself is giving up alcohol. Drinking, for many, is a great way to unwind and connect with others. For me, it felt alienating, stressful and destructive. It was a coping mechanism that had outworn its welcome. I did not like how I felt, I did not like what it did to my life and the way I felt about my relationships to others and myself. It’s been two and a half years since I’ve had a drink, and so many awesome things have happened for me since then. I’ve earned my master’s degree, been consistently making artwork, had more time to explore hobbies, I feel healthier, I’ve connected with new friends on more authentic levels and I feel more joyful.


It can be easy to focus on what we need to do, where we need to go and what we are currently lacking. It’s good to have a plan and direction, but not at the cost of appreciating the distance you’ve covered on your journey. I’ll be 26 on Wednesday, which has put me in a state of reflection. I am vowing to put more effort into appreciating on the positive changes I have made in my life, and to thank myself for making tough choices that have helped me to grow.


Do you take time to appreciate your growth and accomplishments, both big and small? I’d love to read about sometimes you’ve done for yourself that you a grateful for. Thanks for stopping by the Well!


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