Love: The most important piece of wellness

Hey Insiders! Welcome to the Well.

I want to talk a little bit about love in this post, because I feel like it is the most important piece of wellness. We may all have different reasons for striving to achieve better overall health, but if we ignore love, something is missing. Love helps us embrace where we are, and enjoy the journey to where we want to be with patience and joy.


It is easy to approach exercise or eating habits with aggression and even violence, which might work to get us to change out behaviors initially. Ultimately, however, approaching our wellness with violence is not wellness at all; it is more like harassment. We should cultivate a deeper connection with ourselves, and move wholly, delicately, and enthusiastically toward a better quality of life.

Challenge yourself from a place of kindness.

In my experience of love, and what I define as love, it is an energy or a quality of being. It is not something created in an ideal set of circumstances (such as finally losing weight, getting a good job, or finding the perfect partner). The biggest favor we can do for others and ourselves is to acknowledge that cultivating a loving attitude is the biggest key to transformation.

I really like this recording of Anthony de Mello discussing love. This brief exploration of love resonates with me – enjoy!

What do you do to practice self-love? I’d love to read about it in the comments. Thank you for stopping by the Well!

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